Promise Me Moscow

January 24, 1979

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In this edition I talk all about Relationship tips, Sex, and Valentines day!


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Sometimes I don’t even sleep..

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dean winchester meme: 4 5 recurring themes  being prettier than ur fav tbh

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Anonymous asked: You're so stupid. Just like you there's a LOT of blogs assuming they are 'close' to 1D HAHA u succed on making me laughing. You aren't telling us anything different from what ppl that keep up with 1D could assume. I mean, go ask any larry shippers and all of them would say that harry and louis used to date and now they are at a 'awkward' phase. Go find something better to do with your life than messing with this fandom and trying to ruin 1D. You are not real at all.


I’m not messing with the fandom or trying to ruin 1D , love. I’m just passing on information that I have been told directly. I never said you had to believe me or forced you to read this blog. It was your choice.  Please — exit out of this blog rather than insult me. Thanks. x 



Happy 2014, Lionkingfreaks! I wish you all a year of happiness and hakuna matata! 

Happy New Year to you too! ^ :3

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